18″ Strap Sphere Chandelier Made in America


Size Guidelines when Buying a Chandelier
If your room has 4 walls: take the length and width measurements, add them together, change the number to inches. This is the proper diameter for your room. (You could go slightly smaller, but not bigger). If the room has 3 walls, you could go slightly larger. A breakfast nook should be measured as a small room, using the 2 shorter walls.
Example: 10’ X 12’ room should have a 22” diameter chandelier.
When hanging a light over a table, be sure to leave at least 30” between the table top and the bottom of the light.
If you are using paper or fabric shades, please note that the wattage limit per bulb is 25. Use a clear bulb for more light, anything higher is a fire hazard.
All hanging lights can be ordered as swags, please contact us to order.
The staff at Tin’N’Treasures will be glad to assist you with any questions or special requests.

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