Mason Jar Creations for Your Home and Garden

Don’t you love old Mason Jars?
The earliest jars were sealed with wax. The threaded mason jars were
developed in 1858 by tinsmith John L. Mason. He developed a way to cut
threads into a metal lid. Mason paired the threaded and gasketed lid with a matching threaded glass jar that was re-useable. If you see 1858 on the Mason jar, that is the patent date, and not the date of the jar’s manufacture. While most jars sell for only a few dollars, some have sold for as high as $30,000. The value of a jar is related to its age, rarity, and condition.

The old saying ” everything old is new again” applies to the new uses of your old mason jars and the newly created reproduction pieces for your home. Enjoy that old jar that Gramma used for canning in a new way.

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