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Standing Tipsy Pot Pole Available in 27" Size Tipsy Pot Poles & Pot Stackers/Plant Stackers
Topiary add-on for standing poles
We've created a whole new "slant" on gardening....
Tipsy Pots!
Our unique iron stands turn ordinary clay pots into..."tipsy pots!" Herbs, flowers, vegetables... the possible combinations are endless!
Perfect where space is limited—grow up, not out!
Handmade in Lancaster County PA.
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Mini Table Top Pole Topiary add-on for standing poles Short Hanging Pole for Tipsy & Flip Flop Pots
Our Price: $6.00
Our Price: $9.00
Our Price: $10.00
A mini version of the standing pot pole. Great for table top or small areas.
A small pumpkin for the base and mixed gourds impaled on the pole. Looks great for Fall. 14" tall  and 4.25" wide at the base. Use as a small flower pot stack indoors or out.
Black iron pole,24" tall with 4" plate. Topiary insert slips over a standing pot pole to created a new look.  This allows you to have 1 large bottom pot with an additional med pot on the top. Pots sit level. Instructions provided. 29" pole with twist off top and catch plate on the bottom. This size is perfect for 3 6" or 7" clay flower pots. Directions included. This item ships Priority mail. It is important to hang the pole from an "S" hook attached to your large hook. It will be difficult to remove the pole without it. Pole only.
Standing Tipsy Pot Pole
Our Price: $12.00
Black iron pole 27" tall. Use to create a stack of clay flower pots. . Designed and made in Lancaster County, PA. Picture shows a stack of Winter greens and berries. . Save on shipping by ordering more at one time,gifts, friends, neighbors, garden clubs, ect.combine them and place one order.Printed instructions with picture included with order.