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Mini Table Top Pole Standing Tipsy Pot Pole Available in 27" Size
We've created a whole new "slant" on gardening....
Tipsy Pots!
Our unique iron stands turn ordinary clay pots into..."tipsy pots!" Herbs, flowers, vegetables... the possible combinations are endless!
Perfect where space is limited—grow up, not out!
Handmade in Lancaster County PA.
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Flower Pot Hangers Short Hanging Tipsy Pole Standing Tipsy Pot Pole
Our Price: $5.00
Our Price: $10.00
Our Price: $12.00
Flower Pot Hangers Short Hanging Tipsy Pole Standing Tipsy Pot Pole
Choose a star or a hummingbird to adorn your flower pot. They have a duel purpose, add charm and also add a watering channel for your pot. The hook part is a metal tube  to allow you to get water to the roots of your plant.  Another use is to top off your tipsy pole rod by sliding the tube over the rod for a decorative addition. Black powder coated metal made in the USA for Tin'N'Treasures. 27" black iron rod with loop to hang your flower pots. Tip the first one on the rod and follow with the others, they sit on the edge of the lower pot. EASY to do , printed instructions included with each order.  Flower pots not included, rod only. Black iron pole 27" tall. Use to create a stack of clay flower pots. . Designed and made in Lancaster County, PA. Picture shows a stack of herbs . Use the pole in the Fall to make a pumpkin stack. Printed instructions with picture included with order.