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Don't you love old Mason Jars?
The earliest jars were sealed with wax.  The threaded mason jars were
developed in 1858 by tinsmith John L. Mason.  He developed a way to cut
threads into a metal lid. Mason paired the threaded and gasketed lid with a matching threaded glass jar that was re-useable.   If you see 1858 on the Mason jar, that is the patent date, and not the date of the jar’s manufacture.  While most jars sell for only a few dollars, some have sold for as high as $30,000. The value of a jar is related to its age, rarity, and condition.

The old saying " everything old is new again" applies to the new uses of your old mason jars and the newly created reproduction pieces for your home. Enjoy that old jar that Gramma used for canning in a new way.
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Tea Light Mason Jar Insert
Our Price: $3.00

Metal insert that hangs from the top of the jar. Use potpourri in the bottom of the jar, add our insert and a tea light. 2 sizes, quart or half gallon. Designed by us and made by the Amish in Lancaster County. We used a clear jar for the photo but we think the blue jars are best. Insert only, use your own jar, or better yet use one of Gramma's blue jars. Can be used with wide mouth jars also. A Tin'N'Treasures creation. Patio luminary idea!

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Mason Jar Flower Frog
Our Price: $4.50

Put the frog top on your quart jar add water and place the flowers through the openings. Holds flowers upright, arrange flowers like a pro. Top only, you supply the jar. 3" wide x 1.5" high, metal
Coin Bank Lid for Mason Jars
Our Price: $4.50

Brown lid with slot for your coins, fits a standard mason jar.
Mason Jar Toothpick Holder
Our Price: $5.00

Glass mini mason jar toothpick holder. 3.75" t x 1.5"w, with 3 .25" holes in the metal top. No toothpicks included.
Mason Jar Curved Taper Candle Holder
Our Price: $6.00

A 60 second make-over for that old jar. Just slip it over the top edge of the jar, add a candle , normal sized wax taper or battery taper look great.
2 sizes available, quart is 5" high x 1" wide, half gallon is 8"tall x 4.3"wide.
Black iron. Also work in large glass cylinders. CLICK ON "MORE INFO" TO SELECT SIZE
Mason Jar Candle Holder Lid
Our Price: $6.00

Brown lid with opening for a taper candle. The battery tapers work well with this lid. Fits standard mason jar.
Mason Jar Pump Lid (IN STOCK)
Our Price: $6.00

Dark brown metal lid with pump attached. This lid fits all standard mason jars. Make your own lotion or soap dispensers with your jar and our lid. Great for replacing old or broken pumps.
Mason Jar Hanging Lid With Star (in stock)
Our Price: $6.50

Brown lid with hanger and star cut out for your mason jar. Fill with treasures or lights and hang from a hook.
Solar Mason Jar Lids (in stock)
Our Price: $9.00

Use indoors and outdoors • Water resistant • Fits any jar with a standard mason jar lid. • Includes a long-life battery, that is easy to replace. • Automatic switch - lights automatically when it’s dark. Great for patio lighting, walkway lighting, garden accents, and more. Use as an adorable night light that illuminates items you add in the jar. Use indoors or out! Solar panel is water resistant. These make beautiful night lights and patio lights. The solar cell charges best when placed in direct sunlight. The battery is included. Be sure to dispose of the nickel metal-hydride battery properly. Find replacement batteries at battery stores. Get creative with what you choose to put in the jar. Jar not included.
Mini Mason Jar Red Pepper Shaker
Our Price: $9.00

MINI MASON JAR RED PEPPER SHAKER ,2¼” diameter and 4¼” tall to the lid. The larger holes make it the perfect size for crushed red pepper flakes or grated parmesan cheese. Features a food-safe aluminum lid. Please wash before use with food, weight is 8 oz